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"7 Key Strategies to Build an Effective and Profitable Behavior and
Training Business that Enhances
Your Professional Reputation.”



 I was about to pay several hundred dollars for some consulting time.  Now I realize there are things I can/should be doing before I seek any expensive consulting services.  Thank you so much.  This was a great value!    
Carol Peters.  

YES!   I’m ready to discover how to improve the quality and effectiveness of my behavior services and better help people and pets, create a more profitable and sustainable business, and enhance my professional reputation in my community! I understand that when I act now, not only do I get instant access to the "The Pet Pro Behavior Guide" e-course, but I also get instant access to all of the following:

  • BONUS #1 – Complete Transcripts of the entire "The Pet Pro Behavior Guide" program You’ll get instant access to these fully edited PDF transcripts. Print them out and use them as your personal roadmap to improve your skills and better serve your clients.
  •  BONUS #2 – The Guide to Better Client Communication 7 Specific Tips, Tricks and Skills to create a connection with clients rapidly so you can work with them more effectively to resolve their pets’ behavior and training issues.  This communication guide is intended for every pet professional who struggles with their “people skills”!
  •  BONUS #3 – Six Steps To Tackle Any Behavior Problem Your blueprint to take the right actions in the right order to maximize your success with any behavior problem.  Based on the "Five Step Proaction Plan" from my best selling “Pet Behavior Protocols” book published by American Animal Hospital Association. 


I also understand that I have 60 days to put "The Pet Pro Behavior Guide" to the test  

If "The Pet Pro Behavior Guide" doesn’t give me strategies I can use immediately to improve my behavior and training services, better serve my clients and have a more profitable business….if it doesn’t show me specific steps I can take to get clients to better follow through with my training and behavior programs….or if it fails to help me understand the "Best Practices” I need to enhance my reputation and deliver the quality and ethical services pet owners deserve, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!  

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Behavior Education Network Members:  Log into BEN for details on how to get your 25% discount.


Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists Authors, "Pet Pro Behavior Guide"

P.S.  – Every minute you wait to get "The Pet Pro Behavior Guide" is another minute you are missing out on effective strategies to improve your behavior services, establish more productive connections with pet owners, create working relationships with other professionals, and more easily and successfully resolve pet behavior and training issues.

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  “I have [you] to thank for being able to transfer the knowledge I have gained to my clients in a way that they can utilize and implement easily.  Thank you Dan and Suzanne for making this possible!”          Mylinda Weeks, CPDT-KA  

 “Dr. Hetts worked with… my patient… a pit bull mix that attacked other dogs. Having a client tell me how he peacefully, effectively and quickly worked through this problem… with your treatment plan was thrilling and heartening."         Shiri Hoshen, DVM



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